Harvest Day at the vineyard

Glorious Harvest Day scenery

A glorious day and a big turnout of friends and family for 2015 Community Harvest Day at Tussock Hill Vineyard.

Grapes are hand picked

Grapes are hand picked

The nettings came off and the picking began.

Crates of grape harvest

Robin counting his grapes

The bountiful harvest. “You can smell the sweetness in the air,” said Robin as he counted the grapes.

Toast and gratitude for the good harvest

A toast and gratitude for the good harvest

Toasting and giving thanks.

Harvest Day toasting

Acknowledging support and teamwork

Harvest Day lunch party

Lunch party

Party at the vineyard

scrumptious food and delicious wine

rest after harvest day


The pick is now out at Black Estate, fermenting and doing its thing under the guidance of Nicholas the winemaker.